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[Weekly Spotlight] This week's updates, rig pics, and misc links!

Welcome to the first ever Weekly spotlight!

Hello fellow miners! We're opening up a segment we call the Weekly Spotlight, where we pool together some key topics. All of our sources will be linked :)
Because this is the first spotlight segment, we'll go over more than what's been happening in the past week. We'll be covering things since the beginning of time. Let's get started.

New wiki entries!

Our wiki is linked in the sidebar, and is under constant development. We've got 6 pages so far, so I'll go ahead and just Copy + Paste the Table of Contents (pages and sub-pages).
As always, if you have any suggestions, or want to contribute, message the mods!

We have a new tagging system!

For the mods!
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  • [NEW RULE] Orangifies title text. Used for announcing a new rule.
  • [Weekly Spotlight] Yellowifies title text. Used to draw attention to the spotlight!
For everyone!
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Keep in mind that (to my knowledge) it's only possible to tag posts via targetting the href, so it's best that you tag a self post. If you need to link to your guide, do so from there.

We have an IRC channel!

You can see it towards the bottom of the sidebar.
Gathering from the times I've been in the room, it's pretty active. Chilling and live Q&A. Come pop in sometime!

Difficulty up from ~90 to ~480 since the creation of this sub!

Sorry guys.
But hey, there's a bright side! Litecoin's value has rocketed to 6x the amount, so your profitability in $$$ should be slightly higher than before. Also, according to litecoinpool.org, the next difficulty adjustment should bring difficulty down about 80 points. According to dustcoin.com, litecoin mining is at 130% profitability compared to bitcoin mining.

Now for entertainment, rig pics!

We have a couple...interesting...cooling solutions.
  • Posted by ImplyingImplicati0ns. A rig cooling solution posted on the IRC! [link]
  • Posted by 1930197. It's called an in-line duct fan. [link]
We have one milk crate pic.
  • Posted by Shwizy. It nets 5 Mh/s. [link]
And a whole bunch of custom frames and other solutions.
  • Posted by technocoma. 10 GPUs in a sweet setup. [link]
  • Posted by Litecoin_Messiah. 7 7950s with room to expand. [link]
  • Posted by That111Dude. 4 7950s and a box fan! [link]
  • Posted by fudgebucket27. 2 GPUs on slide-out trays. [link]

Other links!

  • Furuknap is crowdfunding a mining guide book. He's active here and has written guides for us before. [link]
  • LeStraw made a GUI frontent to reaper. It's pretty cool! [link]
  • rzw wrote a keepalive script for your crashy CPU miner! [link]
  • meeh420 made a miner status Android app! [link]
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