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Treechain's illegal data problem

Last year some sicko uploaded some pretty nasty stuff to the Bitcoin blockchain. The Bitcoin developer community responded swiftly with short-term and long-term technical measures. Since then there's been a recognition that we need to keep the blockchain free of spam and other garbage.
Embedded consensus systems are fundamentally incompatible with those efforts. The model depends on the ability of multiple parties to easily put arbitrary data in the blockchain, data that could be absolutely any garbage. In the Bitcoin system this is barely tolerable as Bitcoin itself was designed by Satoshi to be able to prune all but the set of unspent transactions and Gregory Maxwell's P2SH2 technique solidly ensures that no illegal data can be stored in the UTXO set. Miners might briefly have to store it to verify the blockchain, but it can be deleted right after.
Treechains however is a step backwards. Rather than trying to fight spam, it embraces it. When you run a treechains node you're participating not in a financial network, but a filesharing network, and you could be sharing anything. Maybe it'll be transaction data? Maybe some wikileaks cables? Maybe something much worse? In this day and age of the MPAA and RIAA, whos going to want to do that?
But it gets worse! In treechains everyone is forced to pretty much be a full node, even if all you want to do is buy the occasional coffee with your Bitcoins, er, I mean Viacoins. When you give someone money you're forced to give them enormous tens, even hundreds, of megabyte proofs that the money is real. And what data might those those proofs contain? Just like Bitcoin transactions, anything at all.
tl;dr: You might be forced to distribute child pornorgraphy just to buy a coffee. Seriously, I wish this were hyperbole, but that's the real deal with treechains.
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bitcoin and open development

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this is a long time insider in GNU quitting because the tools are sucking
just yesterday an org I work with totally screwed a holiday newsletter in spectacular and embarrassing fashion because they were using Mailman - the GNU mail list system. the review hits home for me, elephants galore.
This is an area Bitcoin can help fix.
The real reason GNU is falling behind is that when people are paid, they pay more attention, they work harder and get more quality products built.
Bitcoin addresses for developers, and building a culture of paying for the use of open licensed products will send money to the developers who do the work.
I don't want to see GNU fail, I want them to win, to beat the pants off competing products, and I want to see the very best developers honored to be invited to fork and commit on GNU products, and then be paid for their efforts, well.
How can we push the world this way?
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