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[BEG] The amazing tale of a Dogecoin, a Bitcoin and a Litecoin!

Once upon a time there were three coins. Their names were Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Bitcoin was the oldest, and most experienced of the trio, and therefore also the most famous. In being so, Bitcoin was very sensitive to critisism, something that Litecoin and Dogecoin knew of very well. They would always do their utmost best to take advantage of every misfortune that befell the poor Bitcoin, and on one disastrous day, that was exactly what they did.. It was a regular day and Litecoin was sitting next to Dogecoin on a patch of grass, being part of a much larger garden belonging to none other than Bitcoin. Dogecoin would often go there and daydream of how, soon, all of this would be his. The garden, the estate, everything. The value of Dogecoin was measly in comparison to that of Bitcoin, but he had great confidence that one day Bitcoin would succumb to him. Namecoin on the other hand was always an opportunistic son of a bitch, and tagged along with Dogecoin on the hopes of getting in on some of the profit, once Dogecoin had established himself officially as the greatest cryptocurrency of all time. They sat there and chatted, maliciously planning how to take over after Bitcoin's demise. Suddenly a high-pitched, terrified scream let out. The voice was unmistakably Bitcoin's, and it came from the estate, a large, temple-like building known as Mt.Gox. It was in there all of Bitcoin's treasures were stored. Since both shared the same curious personality, Dogecoin and Namecoin proceeded to search the internet for whatever might have been so dreadful for Bitcoin. "Silk Road is down!" said Namecoin, in a very excited voice. Dogecoin allowed himself a moment to grasp the situation, before uttering a joyful laugh. "Without Silk Road, Bitcoin will fall steeper than ever!" exclaimed Dogecoin. Finally, he would seize power. At long last, Dogecoin felt he had accomplished his goal, that he had fulfilled his destiny. Just as predicted, during the following days Bitcoin's value dropped faster than an obese man trying to sit down on a chair. As if things couldn't get worse for Bitcoin, a US senator proclaimed Bitcoin to be so complex, that he could be used for terrorism. The value dropped even more after that. As the days passed Bitcoin became exceedingly frustrated, and at the same time he was so distraught that he couldn't concentrate on handling the situation. He was recommended by a psychiatrist to start working out at the neighborhood gym, just to relieve the stress. That advice turned out to utterly useless, since Bitcoin didn't have the genetics (circuitry) to gain any mass. Bitcoin spent the majority of 2 years at the gym, only working out, and by the time he felt he was done, Bitcoin had gained a massive ego boost, but hardly any muscle. Fueled by rage, misery and the steroids accumulated over these years, he set out to take back what he had lost. Bitcoin managed to smuggle himself to the United States, and proceeded to confront Dogecoin and Namecoin. Eventually he found them, and attacked them on sight. Unfortunately for Bitcoin, Dogecoin had anticipated this and as a countermeasure, he himself had been working out. Dogecoin was massive, a beast, jacked unlike anything Bitcoin had ever seen. Dogecoin simply walked over to him, and smashed him to 100,000,000 satoshis. The satoshis fled in terror never to be seen again. "Finally!", Dogecoin exclaimed. He was now the greatest cryptocurrency of all. He broke out into a maniacal laughter, however he suddenly realized something and stopped. Slowly he turned over to Namecoin, who became terrified at the sight of the beast. "Wait, what are you- no- aaaaaaaaah!!", Namecoin screamed as he was disintegrated by Dogecoin. Dogecoin couldn't take any risks. In order to be on the top of the pyramid he couldn't have any competition. Namecoin had to go. Now Dogecoin could relax. He had conquered the world. As the days passed everyone soon came to realize that Dogecoin had looted all of Bitcoin's treasures. He was now the most valuable cryptocurrency ever! "Much power, such greatness!", he shouted. Dogecoin had finally reached his goal. He was the best.
Story by: Filip Ilver (me) :D
Feel free to send a dogecoin tip if you liked it! I might do more ;) DJ7KHVx3CF9mAzyVhu8J3Y23zBeKRBk93N
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Such Drawing - lets draw a winner of $1000 USD in Dogecoin or Bitcoin Cash - Dogecoin Giveaway

Keys4Coins have reached 1000 orders (of minimum 10 usd and moon tickets)
Read about Such Drawing here: https://www.keys4coins.com/suchdrawing/
Its time to draw a winner of $1000 USD in dogecoin or Bitcoin Cash.
Drawing will be done between 22:00 CEST and 23:00 CEST. Exact time will be announced as soon as it is ready. We are working on it.
Giveaway of 100 Dogecoin to each person who comment here. Giveaway is over when 5000 DOGE is reach or drawing is done. Whichever comes first.
Please have a look at our games and gift cards at Keys4Coins: https://www.keys4coins.com/
Update on drawing
Drawing has been done.
See the result here:
https://randomwinners.com/+iS https://randomwinners.com/en/draws/2321/index.html
The winner is an order made on February 23, 2018. You will be contacted for payment shortly. Congrats to the winner!
Update on giveaway
Giveaway will continue til 23:00 CEST or when 5000 DOGE is reached.
Update on giveaway
Giveaway is done. Thanks to everyone who participated!
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The Mets have taken a huge financial hit from this weeks cryptocurrency crash, unless the market rebounds soon, they have to trade Syndergaard, because they can not afford his contract. They're also supposedly attempting to pay Wilmer Flores with Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

My friend, lets call him "Cold Tuna", was talking yesterday with Mickey Callaway's personal fishmonger, (Callaway's a notorious pescatarian), and he told me that Callaway has been informed by team brass not to count on Noah being a part of the team in the spring. He said that The Wilpons had lost close to 150 million dollars in the last three days, and that they were looking to trade Noah for prospects, because letting him even get to Spring training would degrade his trade value.
He said Callaway seemed really upset that they had sunk so much of the team's finances into Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. "They literally own like 35% of fucking Dogecoin, and 4% of Bitcoin Cash, and and we we've gone in the last month from signing stars to selling Noah. It's total BS." Mickey reportedly said. Mickey also told him that The Wilpons also held large reserves of several "shitcoins" that had all lost over 95% of their value from a year ago.
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The founder and president of Readi Spaghetti, a restaurant in Bothell, Washington, got back to me about my dogecoin/bitcoin inquiry... they're considering it! Such mamma, very mia!

There's this awesomely delicious Italian restaurant near me called Readi Spaghetti. I usually order take-out from there and I've noticed they have a tablet sitting on their counter for customers to browse their menu and stuff. That thing is begging to be a cryptocurrency terminal so I figured I'd reach out to them about dogecoin (and bitcoin too while we're at it!). I messaged them saying that they should consider it and then I linked them to Moolah's info page for merchants: https://moolah.io/merchants/learn-more
Here is their president's reply to me, I was psyched when I got it the same day I sent them an email!
Hello (bringeebuns),
Thank you very much for your inquiry and patronage! We really appreciate it! I am starting to become more and more familiar with the Bitcoin payment options and it is becoming more prevalent out on the market. I will be forwarding your request to our computer technology staff, which they will be able to present some options for the future.
As we expand, and being a technology friendly Company, these types of payment methods will become more and more feasible for our operations. Thanks again very much for your input as well as your support. We really look forward to serving and seeing you real soon!
Jonny Anderson, FoundePresident
Edit: Formatting
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I'm about to move entirely to cryptocoins for the foreseeable future. All $25k I own in a combination of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and others.

  1. I think that barring a tech disaster we should see cryptocurrencies grow both in bull and bear markets. If the bull continues, the speculative tech money will flow into them. But if this turns into a bear, then it will be seen as a commodity and hedge against any crashes of national currencies.
  2. Stock research takes a lot of time, energy, and effort, and I need something a little more passive but that still has the possibility for titanic gains.
  3. Cryptocoins are awesome to me: they are like deflationary penny stocks the entire world is excited about.
  4. I still think there is a lot of room to grow and excitement around them, and I see so much new money flowing in, excited about the potential. Bitcoins in particular are gaining a lot of traction and attention and I don't see this as a 'fad' that will die down.
So I'm going to start moving my entire holdings to a combination of about 60% Dogecoins, 30% Bitcoins, and about 10% other alt coins.
What are your thoughts on the crypto markets in general, especially in both times of upward and downward market trends?
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Dogecoin is more powerful and works as a currency much better than bitcoin.

Bitcoiners dream of the day when you dont need to transfer bitcoins to dollars, I dream of the day dogecoin knocks bitcoin off the top and takes it place.
Dogecoin and the fact it will never completely mine out and the fact there is going to be over 40 billion doges will make this more successful than Bitcoin as a day to day currency on the internet.
Bitcoin is a speculative commodity, Dogecoin is a real currency.
Dogecoin, the only digital currency that isn't at the mercy of high prices or pump n dumpers.
Many ye coin fall before, not to stand up to the might of the bit, until now that is. Dogecoin has fought very strong and still has plenty of bite left.
Id rather own a few thousand doge than the decimal mark of a bitcoin or a mBTC.
Woof, shots fired, woof.
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Rough estimate: If Dogecoin were to this moment be as valuable as Bitcoin, 1 DOG = 0.00021 BTC ≈ 0.15 USD with a 33332% increase in value.

My math might be flawed so help me out here, but I've calculated that if Dogecoin were to instantly be as valuable as Bitcoin at the time of this post it would have a 1 USD to 7 Dogecoin exchange rate.
The math here is very simple. I took the max potential Dogecoins and divided those by the max potential Bitcoins. I then took that number and divided it by the current value of 1 BTC to USD.
100,000,000,000 / 21,000,000 ≈ 4761.9
4761.9 / 680 ≈ 7
These same numbers will also show us that we will probably never see Dogecoin trading for more than 1 Doge to .00021 BTC on the exchanges.
21,000,000 / 100,000,000,000 = 0.00021
Lastly, we can also calculate how much growth Dogecoin will see if it were to grow to the same value as Bitcoin using today's Dogecoin to Bitcoin exchange rate and the 0.00021 exchange rate from above which show a 33332% increase in value.
0.00021 / .00000063 ≈ 333.32 x 100 = 33332%
Please take note that these estimates are very simple and ignoring many other variables, but I just thought I'd share these calculations with everyone.
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Clash of clans is international and popular. They should consider a way for clans to trade in dogecoin/bitcoin.

This is a popular app that is worldwide. Often people of many different countries are in a clan together. Some people have more income than others but wish to better their respective clans. Implementing some sort of in-game system to allow for send addresses for dogecoin or bitcoin would make the sharing of wealth across borders more easy. Ten bucks in the U.S. goes way further in say Serbia, or the Gambia. What better way to increase dogecoin usage than to throw it into a global game?
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[Request] A Dogecoin wallet that is truly hosted on your device (Bitcoin will suffice too)

I've noticed there isn't a Dogecoin or Bitcoin wallet available on the App Store or Cydia. Android has a ton of them. Can anyone do this? Doges to anyone who can.
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My opinion on the x86, Arm, and RISC-V chips (As a HS student)

I have been kinda seeing talk about RISC-V and such, and, as a High School Student wanting to learn more about computers, I want to talk about the potentials of each Computer Chip:

x86 : I see this more for complex tasks, mainly Video Encoding, Server Computing, and Gaming, mainly because companies like Intel and AMD make CPUs thaat do really good at those tasks.
Arm : I see Arm as being the chip were you need less power for more strength. The Eos Bioreactor by Hypergiant is what I find to be a good example of this.
RISC-V : I beleive this to be really good for the tasks that need more specific needs, Like AI, Encyption, and Mining Cryptocurrency (like Dogecoin and Bitcoin).

I really feel interested in all of them, but I don't want to see one of them go away.. so hopefully, this kind of scenario happens where they all focus on seperate things and co-exist basically, because they all have great potential for specific fields, and I really wanna see them flourish together.

Stay Vibin' quarkstuff
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Hello, I am a developing a bot that randomly tips users in dogecoin (and Bitcoin)

Hello /dogecoin. What the bot does is tip commenters from popular subreddits and send them anywhere from $0.01 to $1 in Bitcoin or Dogecoin. I'm sure that many of you have heard of random Bitcoin bots that tip, but there are no (or not that many) random dogecoin bots.
This will get many users interested in dogecoin (and Bitcoin)
This will be coming soon. I just wanted to get your opinions on it first. Hopefully it will be done by the end of February.
Suggestions, Comments?
Bot: internetmoneybot
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Scamming the scammer

Yesterday I got a pretty standard “You won $500,000 from Facebook” scam. Having some free time on my hands, I decided to have some fun.
I was told I was number 13 of 20 winners that were randomly selected and that if I sent $230 in bitcoin, they could process the check immediately and I could have the $500k tomorrow.
At first I told her that 13 was unlucky so I must refuse the award. After some back and forth about why 13 is unlucky, she told me she was able to get me switched to the number 12 winner.
I then objected because she sent a picture of gold bars. I declined to accept the reward because “Walmart won’t take gold bars as payment.” She then informed me I could get it in cash if I preferred, of they would send me gold I could sell for $2 million.
I had one more objection left. “Sorry... I don’t have any bitcoin - only dogecoin. Will you take payment in dogecoin?”
Alas she said she could not accept dogecoin but after a quick internet search, informed me I should be able to trade my dogecoin for bitcoin and then I could pay.
Now, I have seen stories of other people getting scammers to give them money but always thought that it would be really hard and would take a lot of work. With nothing to lose, I thought, “Let’s give it a go!”
“I talked to my bank and they will exchange dogecoins for bitcoins, but there is a $20 USD fee that must be paid first so I’m afraid I can’t get my check.”
She encouraged me to ask around to get the $20. I gave a few stories about trying and failing, like asking my brother who refused because he was late on his rent and I wouldn’t give him extra dogecoins to pay his rent off.
I took it a step further, letting her know my neighbor gave me $10 if I promised to pay him $1000 after I got the 500k, so I only needed $10 more to convert my dogecoins into bitcoins so I could pay her the $230.
With nowhere else to turn, I threw it out. “You could give me the $10 and then I’ll get $240 of bitcoin so you can get your $10 back and I can pay the fee!”
She said no.
I let it go for the day, but got a message from her earlier today. “Sure... I’ll send you the $10.”
I said “great!” And waited... one hour went by... two hours... I messaged her “hey when are you sending this so I can get your bitcoin?” She said she would send it.
Another hour then two. I figured she realized what was happening and was trying to string me out. My story was actually quite terrible and full of holes and contradictions.
To my surprise, late this afternoon, I got the notice from PayPal that I had received $10!
Not sure what today will bring, but it should be fun!
I reported the account to PayPal but haven’t heard back from them yet.
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How to make money with cryptocurrencies: xFaucet Multicoin

A new multifaucet site is appearing in the crypto universe. We will explain how to make money with cryptocurrencies thanks to xFaucet!
The site that we are going to describe in this article consists of 7 Faucets connected to the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Digibyte. Each wallet address must be registered on FaucetPay to which the prizes of the related claims will be sent in real time. Below we will explain how to make money with cryptocurrencies on xFaucet.

The xFaucet and Home buttons / links at the top left of the main page take you directly to the home page. Refer will only work after running the first claim (your referral link will appear) while Links recommends some trending sites.

Under your referral url there is the "Our Banners" button which will display a good list of very useful banners to insert on your site.

The Claim to be executed is divided into 2 parts: an hCaptcha and an antibot links. Once completed, you will need to wait 5 minutes before proceeding to the next. At the bottom of the page, your Referral URL will finally be visible, which will make you earn 20% on each Claim executed by your subscribers.

As previously anticipated, returning to the Home you can choose to make claims among six other cryptocurrencies. Do not forget to always use a wallet previously registered on the FaucetPay online MicroWallet.
On FaucetPay you can enter and register more than one wallet for each cryptocurrency.

We take this opportunity to advise you to visit and subscribe to our Facebook page and our Telegram channel in order to stay up to date on news, airdrops and new faucets.

See you at the next article dedicated to faucets!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

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Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

By: cryptoall.it
Telegram Channel: t.me/giulo75
Netbox Browser: https://netbox.global/PZn5A
Horizen Faucet: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=153228
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Earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay Microwallet

With the departure of FaucetHub, there are currently 2 Faucet aggregator sites on the market. In this article we will explain how to earn cryptocurrencies with Faucetpay.
First of two articles dedicated to the portals on which most of the faucet sites rely. The next will be focused on Express Crypto while for FaucetPanel we prefer to wait for its greater use. Before proceeding with reading and starting to earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay, we recommend that you sign up immediately.

After logging in, you will be directed to the main Dashboard. The menu is very complete and we will try to describe it quickly but in detail.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard, where you will initially find yourself, is divided into User Dashboard and Faucet Owner Dashboard. Through the F.O.D. you can connect your faucet site, if you have one, and use its functions for the movement of funds and generated earnings. The U.D. is in turn composed of the following items:
- Overview, which shows the current balance of the 6 cryptocurrencies supported by FaucetPay (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash), some daily information (dollars earned, payments received and faucets visited) and the updated list of all amounts you earned including site of origin and date.

Earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay
- Statistics, the total earned of each cryptocurrency during the current month

- Linked Addresses, here you will need to enter the connection addresses to the four cryptocurrencies (even more than one for each of them) that you can subsequently use on all faucets that rely on FaucetPay. For convenience, we have entered those generated by the Exodus multi-currency wallet.

- Deposit, the deposit addresses provided by Faucetpay to be used for sending funds on the site.

- Withdraw, the section dedicated to transfers to your personal wallets. From the drop-down menus, select the crypto, one of the linked wallet addresses and the amount to be transferred. Just below, the history of all mailings made will be shown.

The other menus'
Earn, shows the methods to earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay offered. We report them below:

- Faucet List, four long lists (one for each supported cryptocurrency) of faucet sites connected to FaucetPay provided with direct links to each of them. However, many are disappointing ones. Follow our articles dedicated only to the best and most updated among them.

- Rock Paper Scissors, here you will have to look for an opponent to bet against to play the classic Chinese morra.

- Offerwall, the unmissable section full of surveys and tasks to perform to earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay in many different ways.

- Paid To Click, by displaying advertisements on the active screen, small quantities of Satoshi will be obtained in exchange

Multiply BTC, another of the more classic sections of faucet sites in which you will have to bet by trying to guess if the number that will come out will be higher or lower than that predetermined by the many options offered here.

Exchange, Faucetpay gives you the opportunity to exchange the 6 cryptocurrencies with each other in order to reach the minimum transfer amount more quickly

Affiliate, the referral section. The following will be listed in succession: the bonuses you will get from your referrals; your referral URL; the number of your subscribers and the total they have earned you; a link to the banner animations to insert on your site; the ranking of the Competition (when it is in progress) drawn up on the basis of the higher amounts obtained by its members.

Earning cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay: even for those who want to advertise
Advertise, dedicated to those who intend to advertise their site using the platform offered by FaucetPay. Two methods can be used: through sponsorship or through the classic Paid to Click. Many options are offered thanks to which it is possible to decide the duration and amount of expenditure of the advertising campaign.

Api, section dedicated to the developers of faucet sites. We will not extend further as it is beyond the scope of our articles dedicated to users of faucet sites and not to creators.

Help, which in turn groups several items:

- Fees, the fixed commissions to be paid for cryptocurrency shipments to your personal wallets and the minimum transfer amount

- FAQ, a list of answers to the main questions of users of the site

- Statistics, a complete collection of all the statistics of FaucetPay members

- Telegram Group, the link to the FaucetPay Telegram channel

- Contact, the contact form in case you encounter any problems or inconveniences

Finally, by clicking on your account icon at the top right, you will see other items. In addition to the already discussed Dashboard, Deposit, Withdrawal and Linked Addresses, Account Settings is also available thanks to which it is possible to change the email address, password, enable Google 2-factor verification and enable the Dice betting game. .

And that's it!
Check back periodically for our articles as the faucet sites are always constantly updated. Which we will promptly report on these pages. See you soon!

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By: cryptoall.it
Telegram Channel: t.me/giulo75
Netbox Browser: https://netbox.global/PZn5A
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News Paykassa.pro. Results of work for August.

Hi there! Today we will tell you about the work done in August.
The first part of the month was quite stressful for our team, since we were updating our main servers. Unfortunately, this process did not go unnoticed by you, but we honestly tried to make everything as painless as possible.
One of the most important things was development and improvement of many aspects related to our service. In particular, we have implemented a feature that allows you to save significantly when using Ethereum, since you only pay the actual commission for all transactions. The actual commission is now automatically debited when using other currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Zcash. There is no need to configure this manually.
In addition, we have significantly improved API of our service for getting the exchange rate. Now you get the most accurate market value of the rate that we generate by collecting information from a dozen of major exchanges.
Our team has also improved the stability of Ethereum and TRON. This is possible due to the use of a number of additional nodes that automatically distribute the load among themselves.
Another important point is that due to the recent events that are happening with Ethereum Classic, we have decided to disconnect it from our platform. During this month, it was repeatedly affected by 51% attack, and this is fundamentally different from the policy of our service. We cannot endanger the money of our customers.
These are the most striking events that have occurred this month. Thank you for being our customers. We are very grateful to you for this!
Best regards, Paykassa.pro team
We remind you that our service allows you to anonymously and securely accept payments in cryptocurrency and make payments via API. There is no commission for accepting payments, and we charge 4% for payments. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team using the following email address: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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HODL on Shibas, even whenBitcoin propaganda is killing dogecoin buzz. Focus on dogecoin if you really want it to go to the moon people.

So bitcoin whales are trashing on altcoins, and hinting at trashing bitcoin to draw back in altcoin investors. Everyone is so focused on what bitcoin does, so unless people hone in their focus on dogecoin longterm bitcoins graph is going to continue influencing dogecoin. This is also true of all the other Altcoins that just trail along in the shadow of bitcoin. I just read this article on big investors coming out against bitcoin, because they are scared bitcoin is going to decrease to 5k. I think if people sell or trade their bitcoin for dogecoin instead of loosing all that money this next quarter they will not only turn dogecoin into a more realiable coin, but they will also make insane gains as it rises. They will change their tune once they see dogecoin is a true gainer. I really wish more people with solid investing ideals stuck with dogecoin to make it gain instead of constantly disrupting its progress with all the crazy sales instead of slowly buying in as it rises to ensure ts uptrend. 🐶 #hodlandbuy #DOGECOIN2THEMOON
Full propaganda article here: https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-analyst-shares-4-reasons-altcoin-party-end-soon/
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Available now on the worlds ONLY true multi-chain Dex! #Doge in multiple pairings!

Available now on the worlds ONLY true multi-chain Dex! #Doge in multiple pairings!
#cryptocurrency #FAB #EXG #Cryptotrading #Dogecoin #Crypto #Bitcoin
#USDT #blockchain #DEX #decentralized #Doge

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Sell or Hold?

Dogecoin has been soaring the last couple of days. I invested in it because I have a shiba inu lol (I’m a naive person I know). What do you guys recommend? Btw is there a correlation between dogecoin and bitcoin? For example if bitcoin goes up does dogecoin go up as well. Thanks! Sorry for the stupid questions.
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Haven't reported capital losses for the last 2 years

So I used Robinhood and I did some things like put 15 dollars into Dogecoin and Bitcoin and lost like 10$ and bought some stocks and sold them for a net loss. These were my only investments, I just wanted to try out how the market worked.
I never reported those things but now I have started seriously investing and I now have serious asset reports, will I be in trouble with the IRS for not reporting those past years even though there was nothing taxable?
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Is it even possible for dogecoin to reach $1?

So I just joined Robinhood yesterday and put $10 into dogecoin because it looked interesting and saw that it reached 2 cents at one point. I've been doing research on it and the general idea that I get is that there is no end to the supply of dogecoin, unlike bitcoin which has a finite volume. So what I'm wondering is how likely is dogecoin to reach $1, let alone get back to be worth a couple of cents?
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DOGECOIN 2020💲GANHE 0.10 DOGE A CADA MINUTO(SEM SHORTLINK)💲 - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - mais rápido dinheiro

DOGECOIN 2020💲GANHE 0.10 DOGE A CADA MINUTO(SEM SHORTLINK)💲 - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - mais rápido dinheiro submitted by infocryptocoins to CertificadoDigital [link] [comments]

DOGECOIN 2020 💲 GANHE 0.12 DOGE A CADA 1 MINUTO 💲 - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - Ganhe dinheiro

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5 Dakikada bir Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash ... Criptomonedas: De dogecoins, bitcoins... a dinero PayPal Earn unlimited Free Dogecoin  Free dogecoin mining  Free ... What is Dogecoin? DOGECOIN - WTF is going on?

Dogecoin wurde vom Programmierer Billy Markus aus Portland, Oregon, ins Leben gerufen, der hoffte, eine unterhaltsame Kryptowährung zu schaffen, die eine breitere demographische Struktur als Bitcoin erreichen könnte. Außerdem wollte er es von der umstrittenen Geschichte anderer Münzen, vor allem von Bitcoins, distanzieren. Zur gleichen Zeit wurde Jackson Palmer, ein Mitglied der ... Dogecoin kaufen: Die Zahlmethoden. Wenn Sie über den Händler eToro kaufen, können Sie mit PayPal bezahlen – alles hierzu in unserer Bitcoin PayPal Anleitung.Beim Kauf über die anderen Broker bezahlen Sie am besten mit Kreditkarte. Kreditkarten-Zahlung Der aktuelle Dogecoin/Bitcoin Kurs DOGE/BTC - Währunsgrechner für den Wechselkurs von Dogecoin in Bitcoin. Dogecoin Bitcoin price details will give you the exact conversion rate, which is equivalent to 1 DOGE = 0.00000021 BTC as of now. Here you can check the highest conversion rate from 1 Dogecoin Bitcoin in the last 24 hours, that has been recorded at 0.00000022 BTC and the lowest has been recorded at 0.00000020 BTC. Price 1 DOGE = 0.00000021 BTC 24H High. 0.00000022 BTC 24H Low. 0.00000020 BTC ... Dieser Bitcoin und DogeCoin Umrechner ist auf dem neuesten Stand mit Wechselkursen von 20. Oktober 2020. Geben Sie den Betrag in die Box auf der linken Seite ein, der umgewandelt werden soll Bitcoin. Wählen Sie "Währungen tauschen" um DogeCoin zur Standard-Währung zu machen. Klicken Sie auf DogeCoins oder Bitcoins , um zwischen dieser Währung und allen anderen Währungen umzurechnen ...

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5 Dakikada bir Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash ...

Aqui esta el video que me pidieron, como convertir DogeCoin a BitCoin. En este caso es gratis, sin necesidad de registrarse ni nada, la transaccion o proceso dura menos de 5 minutos. Es muy facil ... YObit: https://goo.gl/OzGOUK se me acabo el tiempo de grabación pero ya saben suscríbanse al canal, comenten y regálenme un like no sean mezquinos! :P. Her 3 Dakikada Bir Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash Kazanıyorsunuz Ödemeler Aynı anda Facutpaya Çekim var Dogecoin kazanmahttps://claimfreecoins.io/fre... En este vídeo mostrare como cambiar nuestros Dogecoins a Bitcoins, al igual que podrás cambiar varios tipos de criptomonedas fácilmente. Link ShapeShift htt... Pasar de dogecoin a bitcoin Pasar de bitcoin a dogecoin. Category Education; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up ...